House-Workshop in Ollavarre

Our workshop is founded on solid rock in the mountain range called Sierra de Badaia. It was an old woodshed and chicken coop which we refurbished with our own hands, crafting every detail to respect its essence. We preserved the original window. We removed and replaced the roof tiles one by one; we restored the red paint of the doors (the traditional colour of carpentry in the elegant farm houses of the Basque Country); our refurbishment method reflects our work philosophy.

At the GYI Workshop, we respect the soul and essence of the materials. We strive to preserve every little crack, every one of the particular details which make each wood piece unique and exceptional.

The House-Workshop in Ollavarre is where we make furniture by hand; in every piece, we devote the same care and dedication which we used to restore the magic of our house-workshop.

Wood Types

At the GYI Workshop, we do not work with tropical woods. We work with wood that comes from sustainable forests (native, national and European species) which possess a certificate of origin. Wood such as poplar, cedar, cypress, French oak, beech, walnut, maple, ash, chestnut, cherry, etc., all sustainable, durable and full of warmth. Our love of wood overwhelms us when we contemplate the beauty and inherent nobility of this material. Likewise, it inspires our instinct to protect the trees, the silent friends of our forests and cities.

We recycle the wood from our cities, a material full of stories (from old houses, trees from parks, private properties, roads, etc.). In the design and manufacture of our furniture, our aim is to respect the organic form of each tree, their knots, their cracks, etc., the particular details, frequently called “defects” in the eyes of an industrialized gaze.

The Furniture

It is very difficult for a customer to understand that we cannot make two tables exactly alike!

In the design and craftsmanship of our furniture, we respect the natural form of these living beings, their scars, stains and cracks. It is precisely these particularities, “defects” in the eyes of an industrialized gaze, which tell us their story and make our skin stand on end; these are the subtle details which convert a piece of wood into unique furniture which you will love for a lifetime.

We search for textures and finishes inspired by nature; we avoid varnishes, lacquers and mass-produced finishes. It is not easy to defend our design concept in a world lacquered in white; but those who learn to look at wood with a clear vision are able to see its history and the reflection of the passing years.

Borja’s hands

GYI Workshop is the evolution of an expert craftsman with a special sensitivity.

Borja’s adventure began in 1991 with his work in a manufacturing company which produced large-scale wood structures. He then worked for 8 years in a handcrafted furniture workshop. His desire to learn more about wood and his curiosity about new cultures inspired him to start up his own venture in 2000, with a new period of long trips related to wood importation which led to his current professional activity: the design and traditional craftsmanship of quality furniture.

Borja has won awards in the Blas Aratibel Craftsmanship Competition in 2011, 2014 and 2016.

San Antonio 29 bajo, 01005 Vitoria-Gasteiz.
Araba-Álava. Spain.
+34 945 157 895

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